Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Blood Bowl Quick Tip: Skaven

I now have a couple of games with Skaven under my belt in the current rules and I am finding that there is something I need to do more off. Looking back to front when deciding what to do. Skaven's speed advantage makes it important to first look at the players furthest from the action to see how they can contribute. If you are used to playing a slow undead team like me, players more than a few squares away from the action cannot do much directly so you do not take them into account in your primary actions. Skaven with their speed can be surprising in where they can get to lend a claw.

This was pointed out to me by a better player recently when my opponent had marked up my gutter runner pretty well. He had three guys on him and the runner could not go a step backward and still score in the half. I struggled with finding a way to break him free but I made the mistake of using a few close skaven to cancel assists when I had a few skaven farther back who could have done. This would have allowed the closer skaven to blitz at the proper angle to push my runner forward and away from some of the tackle zones. Lesson learned.

Look to the Back then to the Front.

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