Thursday, August 20, 2009

Blood Bowl League: Game 3

"Hello and welcome to Blood Bowl Tonight on Cabalvision, your number one stop for all the best on the pitch action. I am your host Sknock Van Pelt. Our lead story is a match between the sinister dark elves of the Gate Gladiators and the twisted ratmen of the Darkthunder Deviants where something unusual appeared to be going on."
"We take you now live to Orkin Andrews on site"

"Thanks Sknock. The Deviants were really able to take it to the Gladiators today. On their opening drive, the ratmen were able to send several of the elves to the bench for the rest of the game. Exploiting this ratpower advantage the Deviants were able to get a quick score. The Gladiators then responded on the ensuing drive to break through the Deviants line with some fancy footwork and a quick pass. Unfortunately, the player in question could not match the speed of the deviants who brought him down. The rats then recovered the ball for another score. Up two nil the Deviants look in good shape to take control of the match early.”

“It was soon noticed that the elves were playing very unelf like. Missing quick passes, tripping over their own feet, failing to grab the ball in the open pitch, all seemed like very un-elven maneuvers. The Gladiator fan heavy crowd got a little angry after the third score for the Deviants and stormed the pitch on the next kick off. They took down almost half of the Deviants which appear to open the field up for Gladiators, who would have the man advantage for the remainder of the drive, but time was short and the elves continued to barely be able to walk straight. So at half time the game was 3-0 for the Deviants.”

“Whatever was wrong with the Gladiators could not be shaken off in the second half when the Deviants were able to recover their kick off to the Gladiators and score making it 4-0. The stupor only deepened as on the next kick off to the Gladiators, the Deviants got the drop on them with the first hits, putting pressure on the ball before the Gladiators even seemed to know it was kicked. While Gladiators recovered the ball, a missed pass caused all hope to be lost. Both sides fans rushed to be the first to get back underground and even the coaches stopped paying attention to the action. “

"Back to you, Sknock"

"Thanks for the report, Orkin. Looks like the Deviants might have slipped something into the Gladiators water cooler."

That pretty much sums up the game. Some lucky blocks initially to knock the dark elves to about 8-9 players the whole game coupled with just the worst luck on the dark elves. Anytime a 2+ was need to do anything the die would come 1 for him. I had my own problems with my Rat Ogre not even wanting to blitz but nothing like his horrible luck.

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  1. Well done, his luck sounds like mine yesterday. Failing 6 of 8 3+ armour saves is rough!