Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tackle Zone Radio

I found this new Podcast on Blood Bowl last month with discussions of both the board game and new pc game. I have posted about them before but they got only about 3 hours as the prime post due to the white dwarf archive news so I am reposting.

I enjoyed listening to the shows and picked up a couple of interesting ideas. The show is put on by some guys in the Brisbane Blood Bowl League. So if you are interested in learning what Blood Bowl is all about check it out

The pilot episode introduces the hosts and talks about what Blood Bowl is. The first episode talks about the 4 main offensive playing styles and gives a review of the new PC game. The long delayed second episode is just out and it has a good discussion of advancing players to fill certain specialized roles on the team and how to get a league going.

I have my third league game scheduled for today against the dark elves so I will let everyone know how it goes. Currently the Norse Team is 3-0-0, My Skaven are 1-1-0, Dark Elves are 0-1-0, and the Commish's Nurgle Team is a surprising 0-2-0.

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  1. Game went 4-0 in my favor mainly due to some luck on my part on getting him 3 players down early followed by him failing every 2+ imaginable later in the game.