Thursday, September 10, 2009

Choices and More Choices

So the local blood bowl tournament is this weekend and I need to pick a team. The event has some special rules which are certainly going to affect what people take. Basic 1M teams with 150K after roster for skills or stat improvements. Players can get multiple skills but the cost gets more for more skills up to 3.

The most important rule is that the skills Block, Wrestle, Dodge, Leader, Guard, and Claw cannot be choosen to spend the advancement money on. Positional players who have them get to keep them but Norse lineman for example lose Block but are 10K cheaper. Since a lot of teams standard builds come from getting block and guard on players things are going to be different.

In choosing a team to take I would like the team to have some starting players with either block or dodge so my Skaven seem like a good first choice, but since I have 28 teams I think I should play another team. Both my Skaven teams have seen the table in recent months so I would like to use a team that has not seen the table in the modern era. This still leaves plenty of choices. I have considered a total bashy team of Orcs since they can have 4 Block players but only get gobbos with dodge. I am also considering a Necromancer team. I got a necromancer team about 4 years ago as a booster to my undead to get the 2 extra ghouls and the extra zombies. Later picked up the extra werewolve and flesh golem but the necromancers have never seen the table. I also have Norse team which could be interesting even if the lineman do not have Block anymore.

Ofcourse once I pick a team I have to pick the skills so another set of choices. I have no concern about winning the event since I am a marginal player but would like to make sure I have a good time and not get slaughtered.


  1. Orc teams, all around, are always a good bet. Why would they limit just the Norse team and not the others?

  2. Maybe just their linemen, since they obviously don't want every lineguy on every team to have block? By that logic, I'd guess Amazon linegirls lose dodge?

    Brad, maybe try humans? still get guys with block or dodge and they are made to be versatile - might be easier to pick bonus skills.

  3. Amazon, Dwarf, and Norse Lineman all lose the restricted skill (Block or Dodge) but are 10K cheaper.

    I had not really thought of Humans. I have a human team that has never seen the pitch(old 3ed team not the new spikey team) might have to take a look.