Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Quick Update

Not much going on with the hobby things right now. Had a gaming filled long weekend? Well for me with 2 league blood bowl games in.

First on was against the Norse team that beat me the first week. They were a little weak after getting taken down a peg by the Nurgle team the game before and I was constantly breaking armor in the game. Got a 3-1 win even though I made many mistake mainly because anytime he needed to roll a die to score it and its reroll would fail. I did finally get a lasting injury with my Dirty Player linerat getting a niggling injury.

The second game was against the nasty Nurgle team which has a team value like 300K above mine. Got the protective 2 babes and 2 apothecaries since I did not have the 340K for Headsplitter again. Game was a 1-1 tie but it might have well be a loss for me since I made only 20K to his 60K and picked up a -1 MA on my guard blitzer. He pretty much knocked me around all game but in the first half just could not bring down my ball carrier so I scored on like an 8 turn drive with skaven. Second half he scored on a 4 turn drive. I almost scored in the 8th turn with a desperation play but it did not go my way.

Also picked up space hulk but I have not even got a chance to assemble the figures yet. When I was not playing Blood Bowl I pretty much was playing with my daughter all weekend since I have the Blood Bowl Tourney next weekend. Still not sure what team to bring.


  1. Yeah... Your Skaven team somehow injured my Norse worse than the Nurgle team did. How'd THAT happen!? Maybe I just suck. ;)

  2. But I do not think I did any lasting injuries so all your guys will be ready for the next match. I could not say the same.