Monday, November 30, 2009

Nerd Heaven

This weekend I got the chance to go see Star Wars in Concert. One of my friends won 4 free tickets from a TV station website. Since his wife did not want to get a babysitter to go with him, he made a guys night out of it with me and 2 other friends. We got together for dinner then headed over to the show. This was my fourth time to this venue in like 2 months after never having gone to it before in like 15 years.

The show consists of 80 musicians plus a large choir with a huge screen behind then plus lighting and laser effects. It traces the story arc of the six movies from the rise of the dark forces to the creation of Darth Vader ending in his redemption. The musicians play the theme of each segment as video clips are shown on the screen mixed in with live images of the musicians. We all said that you get engrossed in watching the screen and the music sounds so good that you almost forget it is being played live in front of you.

Narration was provided by Anthony Daniels in person to go from clip to clip. It was a great show for a Star Wars fan like myself and I am sure the really fanatical people out there just loved it. I am sort of on low side of the fan ladder. I have all the movies on DVD, art books for the original 3, some video games, a t-shirt, a set of star ship blueprints, a stuffed ewok from my youth, and toys still stored at my moms house. I do not have a costume or any replica lightsabers.

It of course did have parts about the pod racing from episode 1 which could have been cut out like a bad memory but nothing is perfect but Jar Jar did not have any real screen time or any dialog.

The show also travels with a memorabilia exhibit of costumes and props plus people from the 501st Legion come out in costumes. I only took a couple of photos since the place was full of all the people looking at all the stuff.


  1. Hey, I saw this earlier this year and also had a great time, glad you enjoyed yourself at it.
    Seeing those videos sent a shiver down my spine remembering it.

    Was there any sign of a video of the experience?

  2. I'm happy to see you embracing your "kind"☺ and hey like you said, it's not like you were in full Star War regalia...although I know you secretely want to become a lifetime member of an reinactment group. Maybe one day Santa will bring you a lightsaber for your stocking. And if you're really lucky our daughter will consent to go trick or treating one year in a themed costume with you.