Saturday, November 28, 2009

Blood Bowl 2nd Edition Goblins

These are my second edition gobbos. I had 8 basic gobbos and 2 pogo star players. The chainsaw looney is a new edition from my wooden spoon prize for the Tzeentch Challenge. Again not enough for a team but enough to use them as I did as part of the Underworld Creepers. If you look at the figure so can see that one of the guys is sort of grey. This was caused recently as I have been stripping the figures. They were never painted but they had a lacquer coat my dad put on them to limit the skin to lead contact. I tried to get it off with simple green and while it did remove some I need to go to a lacquer thinner to really get them clean. The grey guy was the result of the simple green bath followed by the thinner bath.

Goblins used to come in 2 flavors. The basic lineman like these four guys.

Or Catcher goblins like these 4. Goblins stats have changed a lot since second edition with now only the standard goblin lineman available all at strength 2.

Here are the secret weapons. 2 Pogosticks of Doom and a chainsaw.

I even had 2 cheerleaders for the goblins. I think these must have come in the packs with the goblins I do not think I would have bought them seperately. These are actually the only off the pitch figures I have in my collection. No other cheerleaders, refs, or coaches were ever purchased.

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  1. Awesome stuff!

    I have a highly unsuccessful BB goblin team (named, The Green Death, which it turns out was strangely appropriate! :) ) but they are amazing fun!

    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for these guys :)