Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Blood Bowl League Season 3: Roster Builds

We are starting preparations for the third season of our tiny local blood bowl league. One player is keeping his team since he played through a 0-7 season and now has several players with 2 skill increases including a S4 A4 Blodger while everyone else is making a new team. You might ask why we would all be making a new team. Two people have played their teams for both the first two seasons and are ready for a change while myself I just like to play my huge number of different teams.

You might think that throwing away all that player advancement is a waste but our commish decided on special team creation rules. First make a legal 1M starting roster, then add 400K of additional stuff just like during play. You can even buy 6 SPP = Normal skill for 20K once for each player. This is nice since it allows skills on hard to skill up players right from the start at the expense of no chance for stat increases or doubles.

The 1M plus 400K leads to new teams with 90% the team value of the continuing team. We did something similar last time with 350K where the first and last place teams in the regular season were the new teams. T

I think you can make some pretty brutal rosters with these rules. What can you guys come up with these rules? Currently the other players are thinking Dark Elves, Wood Elves, Necromantic, and Lizardmen. I field most teams (no amazon, vampire, chaos dwarf, or orge) so what should I take.

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