Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Gaming with the Family

My brother was in town this past weekend for an early holiday visit. A few years ago during the holiday visits we used to get in serious gaming time with whatever we got for christmas. One year was all about the chainmail mini game(not a bad skirmish game but was never given a real chance to develop a following by Wotc) the next it was Gears of War on my new 360.

This sort of slowed down now that my little one is old enough to demand everyones attention. She always wants to play with whoever is busy at the moment. I did manage to almost get through 1 game of space hulk. It was suicide mission and for some reason took forever. I was throwing nids at the termis which prevented them from advancing but they always seemed to kill the nid they had to to stay alive.

My daughter was watching and trying to play along so we changed the language from killing the stealers to placing them in time out. A lot of stealers were sent to time out.


  1. Cracking mate, my little lad rolls my dice occasionally before he gets bored and tries to make off with a tank.

  2. No shell or missile can match the determination of a little one

  3. Time out...I'll have to remember that one!