Friday, December 18, 2009

Chaos Blood Bowl Team: Lords of Change

Working on a color scheme for my Chaos Team. I wanted to have a Thousand Sons look but has such trouble with the yellow I just did all gold. Might be too ultrasmurf. This guy will probably have to wait a while to be joined with other painted team mates since they need to be primed better. Currently I am working on getting the right color for the beastmen hair to go with the dark base color I am using for the bodies. Might have to swing by the FLGS to get more brown type colors which are not in my 40K palette.

My wife commented that I was letting my close proximity to Ann Arbor influence my color scheme but I think it is more Golden Bears where I did go to school.

Maybe I will have to name the Minotaur, Oski.


  1. He looks great dude, definitely no smurf - I immediately thought 1k sons. A nice wash of devlan mud would do great. Be sure to do his base as unbased models look as incomplete as unpainting IMO.

  2. Has this moved along any further? I wanna see more pics if you painted any more models!

  3. Not really. I think I got them all primed and astrogranite based but no real painting again.