Thursday, January 14, 2010

Blood Bowl: Classic Bases

When you are really behind on your painting like I am, your opponents can sometimes have trouble telling which lump of lead is a line man and which is a blitzer. This is a more common problem with newer players but can happen to anyone playing an unfamiliar miniature set. To help out my opponent's with this last season(they were all using proxies so I did not feel bad about unpainted) I switched over to using the classic second edition bases that came with the old plastic teams. Since I had all four of those plastic teams I have plenty of these to use.

These classic bases were nice for 2 reasons for this application. First they were is gray plastic which allows for writing numbers on them in pencil with good viability. Next many of them were 2 parts with a smaller in plastic base with a detachable colored edging. This way my opponent could easy distinguish the classes of minis.

The classic color scheme is:

Of course most people do not have 4 sets of these bases lying around but you could always just paint the edges of the bases you are using in this scheme. The other problem with this scheme is that the slot width in the bases are smaller which causes a lot of the teams not to fit.

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  1. I've thought about doing that a bunch, but I find with my stuff painted, it's usually "is that the lineman with guard" rather than "who's the blitzer?"