Monday, January 18, 2010

Fantasy Football: Player Aid Tokens

As part of one of my Christmas presents from my mom, I got a token pack from Impact! Miniatures to use with fantasy football games. The token pack comes with 1 Stunned/Prone token, 1 rooted token, and 1 no zone token. I also had her get me an additional Stunned/Prone in case I need 2 at once. Nice plastic tokens. Wording could be a little clearer but you can always brighten it with some white paint.

Everyone has seen this situation caused by the different in size between the big guys bases and the board spaces. What is a slight problem standing(I have some on square bases which is worse) becomes a huge problem when the player is prone or stunned. Enter the prone/stunned token.

Now no space problem, plus since one side is labeled prone and the other stunned you also can use it for any models which have a hard time lying down both ways due to their 3 dimensional nature(not a problem for most of the minis but can happen). I got two in case more than 1 big guy was in use but I was thinking it would be great if these came in 2 different colors(red and blue) to make sure people do not get confused about which token is for which big guy. Might not happen often but I could imagine two big guys down right next to each other combined with some fast paced turnovers causing a forgetful coach to replace the wrong one with his big guy.

Here is another one of the tokens in action. Gutter runner just slips on by the no zoned big guy. These tokens are good because both bonehead and hypnotized players have to take actions to get their zones back so it is possible for them to stay that way over several turns where you could easily forget. An coach with lots of gaze would do well to have multiple tokens like this. Luckily they have a combo pack for that also.

These tokens are pretty cheap so if you are ordering something already they are a could thing to throw in with it so you are not paying separate shipping charges.


  1. I've always been a "make my own" counters kinda guy. Luckily for me all my big guys are relatively easy to lie down. I think I'll have to make some kind of "stupid" counter for my troll though, as I always forget after a turn or two.

  2. Thanks for the compliment on the product. I'll consider offering the Prone/Stunned in a different colour. Unfortunately the mark-up on these is low so its pretty expensive to add them in a different colour. But I'm glad you like the product! Tom @ Impact!

  3. Tristan:

    Self made counters are fine but the quality/price here is good enough that if you are not paying shipping just for them they can be handy. I have also been looking at the weather counters which are a little pricer to help remind me to roll weather in my league games.


    Maybe just something to keep in mind if you get more made in the future.

  4. I need my blood bowl league to start back up. My ogres need to wreck some teams.

  5. Orges are a team who could use a couple of no zone tokens. Hopefully never need 5 or 6 though or your luck has just gone to nothing for that game.