Friday, January 22, 2010

Fantasy Football: Player Aid Skill Rings

Here is another item I got from Impact! Miniatures, skill rings. These are little plastic rings with inner diameters just larger than the standard base size. Originally I expected them to be almost exact fits which were held in place by the sloping edges of the bases so that they would stay on if you picked the piece up without any problem. This is not the case.

They come off the bottom if you are not careful. The reason for this is so that you can slip them on and off from the bottom without having to take the mini through the ring. Most of the minis are not totally contained in the diameter of the base so getting perfect fit rings on them would have been like those classic metal puzzles games of going around 1 arm first then the head then this spike etc. Given that some minis it is not even possible it is a good thing they slip on from the bottom. Even with this limitation they seem to work pretty well.

Here we have a yellow ring and a blue one allowing for these to skinks to be quickly identified as one with say catch and the other with side step.

The rings come in lots of different colors varieties but probably defeat their usefulness if every single model has a different one. I got a combo back with 6 different rings each in their own color but they have other arrangements like if you give players block you could get a bunch of red rings(Red=Blitzers whose defining feature is start with block skill) or green (Green=Blockers traditionally). One of the guys in my league writes in pen skills on the white painted edges of his bases especially for tournaments. Of course he does not always update them between league and tournament play so that is less helpful.

With my last league team I did not need these since I pretty much had a different model for the full roster except for 2 repeated gutter runners but this might something I need this season. Might even take them to games and ask if I can place them on opponents players which have specific skills of note like strip ball or stat increase to help use both keep track of them.

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