Thursday, January 21, 2010

Splinter Fleet To Be Named Later

So I have had a small force of nids for a few years that I started collecting as my own opposition force but given how rarely I get games in I never really used since I still had some many possibilities with my marine collection. Once I heard there was a new codex in the pipe line, I had even more incentive to sit on them to see what was in store.

The assembled unpainted force currently stands at made up of metal blisters, Battle of Mac, and one 3ed battleforce:
Broodlord with Retinue of 6 Stealers
3 Warriors with deathspitters and talons
2 Tyrant Guard
2 Lichtors
12 Stealers
14 Termigants
12 Spineguants
16 Homogaunts
1 Zoan

As you can see this is not a nidzilla force but it is also probably not competitive in any metagame out there. First thing about this model selection is that I do not know if I can really even make a valid list. I used to have an HQ option with the broodlord or warriors but now neither of those are HQ. I can call the Warriors primes to fill this void but that takes away a whole unit.

To go with these models, I have unassembled 1 Hive Tyrant, 2 more Zoans, 1 more Tyrant Guard, 3 fexes, 16 homogaunts, 16 termigants, 16 Stealers, and 6 warriors(18 Month old assault brood box). Given that I have this much unassembled stuff there is no justification for a budget for new units for quite sometime(maybe in the summer I can swing a Trygon plus another new unit). So I am quite unhappy to hear that both the Tyrants and Fexes got their points jacked up so much that people think the new Trygon is the way to go on the monstrous creature side. I am currently sans codex which I expect to get this weekend so I will have to wait and see.

Once I get the codex I will sit down to see what my build options are and compare what I see to my prerumor predictions/rant for the codex.

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