Tuesday, March 23, 2010

As We all Know ...

GW does not know their own rules. We all know this from the White Dwarf battle reports but here is another example. These model where shown in the GW daily Blog today. The guy on the right is a librarian which is fine. Maybe he has two force weapons or maybe he has a pistol somewhere but that is unimportant. Pistols re small potatoes and who has one modeled on every marine that has one now. What I like is the marine with the powerfist. They list him as a Honour Guard with the grenade launcher upgrade. That is fine but why does he have a powerfist. Honour Guard have no access to powerfists and only the Champion has access to a thunderhammer (which you should probably take so the unit cannot be held up by dreads and such). Oh GW when will you ever learn.


  1. Maybe they are Blood Angels Honour Guard or something but I would assume they would us the chance to show cool blood angel bits.

  2. indeed. though i did read the original and the "Grenade Launcher" is a Tau Grenade where the barrel of the Combi-Melta was..... Truely Awe Inspiring if you ask me >.<

  3. Here is my honor guard with grenade launcher. They are not that hard to make.