Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Warrior to Hive Guard Conversion

So Hive Guard are one of the winners in the new tyranid codex with their S8 Assault 2 weapon that does not need line of sight. This is your anti light mech unit with essential short range autocannons that have 1 higher strenght. People might want to compare them with missile launchers but those have higher AP and dual fire modes so it is better to think of them as Tank hunting autocannons.

GW has some neat metal models for them but I am in a no buying zone until I get a majority of my previous purchases assembled (no claim on painted though). I did have 6 unbuilt warriors and 3 venom cannons and 3 sets to rending claws lying about so I want to see what I could do with them instead.

Here is unit member 1 in the hunched over firing position so he can brace with his arms as per the fluff in the codex. Only way to get the claws close to the ground is to really lean him forward.

Pretty Straight forward just bent him over forward and clipped the opposible thumb off the venom cannon feed hand since it was in the way. I used the now useless fleshhooks at the tip of the impaler cannon to get the spikey bits.

I also added a few extra armor plates on tha back since they are supposed to be tougher than warriors. The other 2 members of the unit are waiting on their spikey bits and armor plates to be attached. They are more upright so that no one claims I intentionally modeled the unit to be short to hide behind cover.


  1. That thing is gonna kick a@@ once it is painted ....

  2. nicely done, though these guys are a lot tougher than the standard warrior, you've done a great job.

  3. Looks pretty good... could maybe use a little bit of green stuffing to give it the right head and bulk up the torso, but it definitely has the right size and a similar looking gun so it should be fine.

  4. The good part about nids is that one hive fleets Hive Guard do not have to look exactly like anothers. Maybe my fleet evolved the hive guard based on warriors instead or tyrant guards. That way the heads can look like warriors. A little more armor plating might be in order though.