Monday, March 15, 2010

Blood Bowl League After 3 Games

Well I have been playing my Chaos team in our league now for 3 games and it has been total failure for me. I have 2 losses and 1 tie. Only been able to generate 2 touchdowns and like 2 Casualties and just lost my Minotaur to death at the hands of a necromancer team. I am also rolling 1's for my winnings which means while the top team had like 180K in cash earning already I have made 70K. I made some mistakes in not just getting pretty much everyone block with my skill choices in our special team creation and how I am trying to play the team. I even tried twice to make the pointless Turn 8 passes to get 1 SPP for a player to get a skill missed both passes.

I am also the only player in the league with no player faster than 6 move. Every other team has at least 3 players with 7+ move and most have 8 move player. We have a Dark Elf team(Many Move 7 Players), High elf Team( Move 7 Blitzers, Move 8 Catchers), Lizardman (Move 8 Skinks), and Necromancer (Move 8 Weres, Move 7 Ghouls one has +1 MA anyway). Only the necromantic team has players slower than mine but he also has ones much faster. I am finding myself totally out moved and if I cannot bash anyone which seems to be how it has been I have trouble moving the ball.

I will continue the struggle and maybe I will get lucky and get a few CAS in a game and make a few touchdowns to get some more skills. Maybe by the end of the season I will have some idea how to play the game with Chaos.


  1. I'm playing my Undead in a tournament next weekend and they have some special creation/treasury rules. I wanna run my thoughts past you so expect an email soon.

    Sh!t luck in the league. :(

  2. Chin up .... I always wanted to play Blood Bowl .... least you got a team lol

  3. Chaos really is a rough one to play just starting out. It relies on pounding the opposing team but isn't strong enough to really do so without ganging up. You really have to take it on the chin for a bit until you get a few decent mutations and skills.

    Of course, I have no sympathy for your MV6: My two main teams are Dwarves and Khemri... :-p

  4. The move 6 gets to me since I am a skaven player from way back and have always been used to being the fastest players on the field. Really need to work on my placement when the meat of the team is MV 5.

    I made a mistake in roster creation of getting some secondary skills like sure hands, tackle, stripball on a few guys instead of just block. I find those players are never in position to use their skills so I would have been better off with the more basic choice with my pre play choices.

  5. Hey Eriochrome, I played Chaos way back and did pretty good. Here's some ideas and suggestions for you.

    1. Don't give the ball to the warriors. You use them to pound and crush your enemy. Give the ball to the beastmen and protect him in a pocket of doom.

    2.If you want to score touchdowns with a warrior for the SPP's, then put a warrior on the sidezone and march him right up until you're close to the endzone then use a beastman to throw the ball to him.

    NOTE: If you think you're going to throw and accurate pass, you most likely won't unless you're in close range. Also, keep in mind you're not likely to make the catch either. But if you MUST get those SPP's to the warrior, try doing a handoff.

    This works much better when you use the mighty chaos pocket to march across the field stomping your enemy in the face.

    3. The first skill you give a player is block. Then mighty blow to warriors. If you roll doubles, I strongly recommend jump up or claw. That +2 on all armor rolls is swuuu-weet!

    Especially against skaven and elves.

    Give your first upgraded Beastman sure hands then pass when/if he gets another skill roll and makes the double roll. Yes I know, not likely, but you can wish!

    Otherwise they get block as well.

    Depending on how dirty and mean you want to be, dirty player is also very nice on a beastman (not a warrior as losing him for fouling would suck)- then knock players down and stomp 'em in tha face - EVERY time!

    4. Against fast moving teams, you want to force as many dodge rolls as possible. So pay close attention to your tackle zones and where the ball is.

    5. If there's an enemy player running around in your backfield - knock his teeth out asap while still moving and pressuring the ball carrier and his friends.

    6. Use your S4 to your advantage to roll more block dice than your opponent. Your goal every turn is to knock as many of his players down as possible.

    Remember to double team the enemy wherever possible. Though don't forget that Beastman blitz on a S4 thanks to Horns. That alone has won me countless games thanks to the additional block dice I get.

    Failing that, set up tons of tackle zones.

    7. Get yourself some better d6. Ones that will penetrate armor and roll high for injury! =)

    8. Next time, put as much as you can into fan factor when you start because without FF, you're pretty hosed in a league.

    Even dropping a warrior is worth it as long as you have 2 or 3 to start with.

    9. Also, versus fast teams with low armor, you should simply kick the ball off to them, knock as many of his guys around as possible while also letting him score as quickly as possible.

    A turn 2 touchdown for him is excellent. That gives you the rest of the half to hold the ball and give him the beat down.

    Score your touchdown on your last turn.

    2nd half, you get the ball kicked to you and that's when you rinse and repeat the process.
    With semi-decent die rolls, you can easily stun, KO or even injure the majority of his team.

    10. And finally, get used to scoring 2, maybe 3 pts a game. Anymore than that and your opponent really didn't know what they were doing, or had amazingly bad dice rolls.

    I wish I could diagram some stuff out for you, to share some offensive and defensive tactics.

    If you go here, there's some good basic ideas to help you -- Many of the tactics for Orks work well for Chaos.

    Hope that helps and sorry for the long post. Just wanted to give you actual helpful advice and not some lame answer or ideas.