Friday, March 12, 2010

Vanguard Vets

I recently finished assembling my jump pack vanguard vets. This unit is made up of 5 metal vanguards with 2 plastic guys mixed in. I was thinking how to make my vanguards a little different. First thing I knew was that there was no way I was going to build 2 with plasma pistols and 2 with power weapons. Way too much point bloat on a unit which is already overcosted. So the 2 with the special weapons on separate arms were going to get switched out for standard ones. I was also thinking what makes Vanguard different from normal assault marines is not really how fancy their armor is but that they can assault straight from deepstriking which means your weapons need to be at the ready.

I decided that if their weapons were chained into their wrists then they could jump out of that Thunderhawk without fear to losing them on the way down. Luckily I already had a pile of black templar cc weapons from earlier conversions so I used them anywhere the weapon arm was not a piece of the main body in the vanguard kit and in the 2 plastic vanguards. I have 2 melta bomb vanguards who might get an arm exchange soon in the near future. My pictures did not really come out so I will post them later.


  1. These look good, nice to see some stuff off your work desk again!

    So what kind of BT bits do you have? I'm looking for a single, bare headed Marshal to make some Deathwatch guys...

  2. I bought the BT upgrade box about a year ago to get the tabards and some other pieces for my Honor Guard so I have a random assortment of stuff left from the box.