Wednesday, March 17, 2010

GW Games Day Blood Bowl Pitch

So GW online actually has some new blood bowl content. They have a discussion of creating this cool looking Orc themed pitch for Games Day. Ofcourse it is inspired by the videogame instead of the fluff of the board game but it is something. Nice to see GW doing anything for Blood Bowl. A couple of interesting notes though for people going to make custom pitches.

Blood Bowl Pitch spaces are not 1 inch squares. They are a little bigger like 28 mm to make more room on the board for placing minis. Short squares means longer affective passes so this pitch would give the advantage to throwing teams which I am sure Orcs would not want. Also the endzones are only 1 square deep now instead of the 2 in 2nd edition. This makes it such that anyone just standing in the endzone waiting a long bomb can be crowd pushed pretty easy. So this is clearly a display piece and not really a proper playable board.


  1. I'm sure you could just use the square passing diagram to determine the true difficulty of the pass.

    It looks great. I have a buddy building me a portable board - once it's done I'll have a go at building one for home. :)

  2. The better thing to do is to scale a custom range ruler. This is what people do when then make upscaled boards that fit the big guys better.

    It is more the point that you are building a custom board with this much work why not make it right.

  3. ok, i've got to give you that point. but then built in dugouts and scorecards should be included as well.

    ps. did you get my other email?

  4. I really like this. Admittedly it might not be suitable for playing on without some other concessions, but it looks great.

    I also love your Blood Bowl stuff. =)