Friday, March 19, 2010

Tyranid Speed Building

So I have my self signed up for an multiplayer Apoc game on Sunday. My first 40K game in a long time. I normally take my marines to these type of things since I have 9,000 points worth now so I can make our standard Apoc 3K list totally customized. Usually our battles are sort of mismatch to get the players and points to match. This time their were 2 nid players for the 6-7 player game so 1 more would make a single totally nid side. This ofcourse gives the game a better story so I said I would be the missing nid player.

Now I have a nid army but it only has about 1K of points built but there is a scratch built biotitan at 1250 points available so I just need to make up the ~750 point gap. Pretty large gap for a few days. So I am going to try and see where I get. Built up about 180 points last night but need to get in gear to make the goal. I am probably going to have to use some partially finished stuff where the arms are held on by putty since I need to magnetize them and there certainly will not be time.

I will get a picture of my rag tag force once it is ready to go.

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