Friday, March 26, 2010

Tervigon WIP

As part of my speed building last week for the Apocalypse game I wanted to get a Tervigon in the army. I had three unbuilt fex kits so I got to work. My goal was mainly just to get the basic body assembled and do the greenstuff and arms later.

My conversion is really simple. I essentially just extended the mid section of the fex kit with spure pieces. I then started to fill in the space with random curvy bits just to that there is less greenstuff required.

I used some of the hive node terrain bits from the stealer set to get the places where the termigants will appear.

Once I do the greenstuff I will add another armor plate to the back just facing the other direction to cover the unfinished spine part.


  1. Wow, looking good, can't wait to see it evolve more (and get painted)!

  2. Hobby time just got a 6 box outdoor play structure assembly dropped on its head so I do not know when I will get back to working on it. Along with some other round the house projects.