Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Epic 40K: Attack of the Beakies

More on my current Epic fascination. Just a little system variety to try to keep things fresh after the disappointment of the Nid Codex. I am working on getting my infantry together. These are all old models who pretty much had nothing done to then other than clipping of the sprue and inserting into the 20 by 20 mm square bases. The current base standard is 40 by 10 but GW wants like 9 dollars for 16 bases while you can get like 32 bases plus all the marines to fill them for 20 dollars. I am working on rebasing the assault marines since they are just to compacted on the 20 by 20 s with some home built verisons. We will see how that goes.

Since Epic is a more abstract game I set up my units as such. Every other Tactical unit has a sergeant but none have any heavy weapon models. So Tacticals are either just 5 normal marines, or 4 normal marines and the helmetless sergeant. Every devastator unit has 1 heavy weapon model. Should make it pretty easy to identify who is who without using up all 20 of my heavy weapon models since I have a ton of normal marines to spread them out in. In my original space marine game different unit types were identified by different base colors so I have a ton of the same normal marine from that.

The interesting thing is other than the rhino not shown what is pictured above comes out to 2600 points so probably more infantry than I would use in most games since the standard games are 3-5K and you need war engines and aircraft and all the other things in a balanced list. This pile here only represents about 40% of my space marine infantry, but is what I am dedicating to this force made up of all beakies except for the officers.

Close up of Devastator Unit. All Beakies, all the time.

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  1. These look so cool! Have you thought about any other rules to use other than Epic? I've heard Future War Commander is kind of the new hotness.

    Can't wait to see these painted up!