Thursday, April 29, 2010

Forgeworld Warhounds

So my Forgeworld Warhound Titans arrived. Ofcourse these are Epic scale. I would not dare buy 2 40K scale ones given my lack of painting abilities. I talked about how to find these on the forgeworld website in another post since they do not show up unless you know what to do. While like all things Epic they are pretty pricey for the amount of product you get this is sort of canceled by the fact that 20 dollars worth of marines is like half an army. These Forgeworld Titans are also cheaper than the less interesting looking GW one since you get 2 in the pack.

They are Lucius Wolf Patterns with Plasma Blastguns and Vulcan Megabolters which is the standard warhound weapons in Epic Armageddon Lists. Titan Legion lists exist which have other options but these are still the weapons available for Allied Titans for NetEA Approved Tournament style games.

Components for 2 identical titans.

Here is the top front of the carapace. Detailing looks pretty good.

Back of the carapace. I like the ad mech logos on the sides.

Wolf Warhound Head.

Front of Leg with armor plating and some pistons.

More nice looking pistons on the back of the leg.

Plasma Blastgun with what looks like some sort of sighting array on the top.

Bottom of Plasma Blastgun. Looks like structural reinforcement.

The vulcan megabolter. This is probably the part of the kit that I would be least happy with. This looks very much like a stormbolter. There do not seems to be rotary barrels like you see at the 40K scale.

Other than that it seems to be a pretty good kit. Need to wash it up and take it outside for mold lines cleaning as I do not want the dust around my daughter.


  1. I've gotta agree with you on the epic scale megabolters. They look so cool on the 40k scale model, it's a shame they copped out here.

    Other than that, I'm really surprised with how good these models look. Can't wait to see them painted up!

  2. The current GW model has 3 long barrels while the really old models had 3 sets of rotating barrels.

    It should be noted that these forgeworld epic titans were made before the 40K size ones were made so maybe that had not really decided on the design of how they wanted their megabolters to look like yet.

  3. Actually looking again the original warhounds had what could be 2 sets of rotatry barrels displaced in the vertical.