Monday, April 19, 2010

Epic: Terminator Formation

So my Epic Project is now started. First thing I did was rebase and remove mold lines from my 1 unit of terminators. I used the 4 bases I got in my character back. I plan on keeping the Tactical and Devastator squads on their 20 by 20 bases but these guys are just to tightly packed on those. I am going to have to make bases for my assault marines and bikes still.

I am going to start with just 1 unit of termis for now since that is what I have and still need to get Thunderhawks and Thunderbolts to round out the aerospace part of the army.

I decided to go with a Chaplain in this formation since it is a pretty standard upgrade to try to win those assaults. These guys are going next to basing for a mix of sand and rocks.


  1. I don't really know anything about the particulars of Epic, I do know that these little guys look cool however.

  2. I do not really have much experience myself. Just trying to get a force together since there are some players in the area.

    One interesting thing is that Marines are actually a harder epic army to play compared to 40K where they are sort of the starter army.

    Another interesting thing is that even though the models are tiny (1/4 the size or less) they actually move at the same speed or faster on the table top. Single Moves are 15 cm for infantry and you can do a double move and shoot so things can be much more dynamic and tactical than 40K. A Rhino can use a march move to go 90 cm in one action. A Landspeeder can go 105 cm with a march.

  3. Epic infantry are so funny ... why GW didn't just decide to revert to 'diorama' purchases - I don't know. Epic is a great game (mainly due to the mulitple layered objectives) ... but the Titans are the 'write home' pieces.

    These Termies are so funny.