Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Blood Bowl: Innsmouth Eagles

Newest edition to my Blood Bowl teams is a Frogman team made by Rolljordan but I got it through Impact! Miniatures. This is the 18 piece Team set. The design scheme is pretty prehistoric and brutal with bones added onto help with hitting people and pretty rough loincloth style uniforms.

First thing I noticed was that the metal was really soft. I had a lot of problems getting them to stick in the bases by bending the tabs so I glued some of them in. Of course soft metal can be good since you have a reduced chance of breaking the pieces.

Team starts with 4 blitzers. 2 Each in 2 different positions. They are slightly bigger than the lineman to help not their positions but coloring the base edges red might be helpful.

4 Catcher also in 2 groups of 2. They are pretty slim and have pretty obvious catcher movements.

8 Different Linefrogs. I sort of wonder why 8 different linefrogs while only 2 different blitzers and catchers who are the ones who really matter to the team. These 8 figures are really 3 sets of 2 with slight changes and then 2 other ones.

Here is the big guy, a big toad with prehensile tongue. Need to keep this family friendly so no jokes please. I got him on a 25 mm base but he is pretty forward heavy so I will need to add some weight to that base.

The Coach. He certainly looks like he means business in the stern way.

Team looks pretty nice. Not sure when I will get them in a game. I have a few more league games this season with my Chaos team and will probably hold them for next season to see if I can get them going a little better.


  1. Nice, been looking at a lot of rolljordan and neomics stuff recently. I did buy the black widows team from impact. Did you ever get anywhere painting a team?

  2. Cool looking team, and I love the name you've given them... hooray for Deep Ones!

  3. I got some of the way through a woody team but got bored. I will try again on my Chaos team for next season though soon. I should probably be checking those for mold lines currently.

  4. Post some pics of what you've done with the wood elves, I wanna see! My guess for the variety to the line frogs is because they might get a bigger variety of skills than the blitzers or catchers.

  5. What great characterful models ... nice find!