Sunday, April 25, 2010

Single Chaos Warrior Player in Blister?

So about a month and a half ago I ordered 2 blood bowl items from GW Direct. I got a vampire team booster to fill out that roster to 16 players and a single chaos warrior to finish my Nurgle team. The price is just outrageous but I did not feel like camping ebay for one or buying a larger set and selling the pieces. Previously when I ordered single players they were as bits and shipped in a little baggie. This guy they actually packaged into a lonesome looking blister.

Nothing really interesting but it just surprised me when I opened the box. This might be better in case a customer orders something like this to a store but never picks it up.


  1. Thats not all that unusual. Every one of my individual mini orders has come in its own little blister pack sans the usual foam insert. The one time it didn't was when one of the blisters was missing a head and they actually put a head in a little back stapled to some cardboard.

  2. I was just a little surprised that they but enough effort into have the mini blistered. I wonder if they store them blistered or do they blister them before shipping.