Thursday, April 22, 2010

Epic to 40 K Size Comparison

For those people not familar with Epic scale miniatures they are tiny. Here is a 6 mm scale marine on a normal 28 mm scale Marines base. This is even a Black Reach marine who are a tiny bit smaller than normal multi part marines. While this comparison is interesting I am more interested in how different models compare in the same scale.

Here is a normal marine and dreadnought. You can see the marine is about half as tall and the significantly less wide fitting 2 marines just across the torso.

This is a Conqueror Battle robot and a marine in 6 mm. I do not have an 6 mm dreads and am thinking about using my 10 conquerors as them. The scale actually looks pretty good. They are about twice as tall as the marines just not as wide. I probably will not use very many dreads since they cause problems with many units transport options. Normal space marine formations all come with included Rhinos but adding a dread slows the whole group down. Might work with either a Drop pod or Thunderhawk strike force though.

So what do you think. Does this robot look Dreadnought enough to use?


  1. Great post, I love all the comparison pics. I saw the Conqueror 'bot and it immediately took me back to the RT trader days, I had a couple of those! Would it work as a proxy Dread? Size-wise, without a doubt, for me though it's such a recognizable shape, it's hard to think of it as anything but a Conqueror.

  2. Since I am planning to paint the army up as Dusk Raiders, it would be better said should I use Dreadnought stats to represent this robot perhaps.

    I will have a mix of newer(whirlwinds and hunters) and older models(rhinos and landraiders) in the army since it is often easier just to buy new models from GW than camp a ton of different ebay auctions.

  3. Check out the RT era Dreadnoughts and you're very very close... anyway Epics hardly a 'detail' competition. One small blob looks awfully like another...

  4. That is a good point suneokun. The Rogue Trader era dreads were pretty narrow with the pilot essentially in a fetal position.

  5. Very close in appearance to the Furibundus model with the single lascannon. Probably would look closer if I took of the heavy bolter mounted at the top but I do not like cutting up 20 year old minis.