Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Epic Whirlwind Blister

As part of my on going series of showing exact contents of my epic stuff as I get it I have for you today the Epic Spacemarine Whirlwinds and Hunters. If you are unfamiliar with Epic, Hunters are Anti Armor missile units for the marines since all armies need air defense. They can also fire their missiles as anti armor units. They are generally added as upgrades to other units to allow you to spread anti air across the board.

GW is nice enough to provide in this set 4 tanks and 8 turrets with 4 whirlwind and 4 hunter turrets.

So I assembled the 4 whirlwinds on the included rhinos.

Here is a close up. The details are not bad but I have notice consistent rough areas on the these rhinos so maybe the molds are getting worn.

This is what I am going to do with the Hunter turrets. Attach them to some of my old rhinos since I have a good number, 32 I think.

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