Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Assembled Epic Vindicators

I got my Epic Vindicators assembled. These are old models that I talked about getting off of ebay in an early post. I did not use one of the Dozer Blades and also modified the pintle mounted stormbolter on one so it did not stick out so far. I cannot do much about how out of scale the storm bolter looks though but it looks that way on the 40K verison like this also.

Vindicators are not highly in demand do to their formation usage and cost but GROOV3R at Bell of Lost Souls has some ideas about improving marine tank usage compared to the Thunderhawk strike forces that current are the preferred builds for Marines.

I planned on spending last night working on taking mold likes of 6 mm marines but was interrupted to provide tech support for my wife's new phone. She is a more dedicated blogger than I so got a text and data plan and needed me to set up mobile twitter for her.

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  1. "taking mold lines off 6mm marines"...

    LOL, talk about fun... NOT