Thursday, June 3, 2010

Epic: Space Marine Dreadnoughts

Here is the next in my series showing what you actually get with GW Epic scale purchases compared to what they show you. Today we look at my Space Marine Dreadnoughts which I picked up last month before their price increase. Epic being already overpriced on a per blister basis but not on a army basis 200 dollars gets you a solid army at the standard 3000 point level from GW direct and a real big one from ebay). These 3 dreads clock in at 150 points so like 10 points per dollar compared to 40K Dreadnoughts which are like 3 points per dollar spent.

Starting with the weapons. They come equipped with 1 assault cannon, 1 multimelta, 1 twinlinked lascannon, and 1 missile launcher total for the 3. So you can make 1 of each of these types.

The dreads themselves. Two have built in dreadnought close combat weapons while the last has the mounting points for 2 weapons. Based on the rules this guy gets the lascannon and missiles.

Quick pick of the back sides. These Dreads are probably going to go in my pod unit. Check pack later for assembled pics and pics of the current space marine drop pods.

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  1. They're sooo cute. Little robot biddlely biddlelies that they are!