Saturday, May 22, 2010

Barter Bucket: Looking for Epic Stuff

To feed my new fascination with Epic scale warfare, I have placed a general call on the Barter Bucket for epic stuff. Specifically I am looking for Epic Space Marines, Squats, and Eldar plus everyone loves Titans. I have put up to offer some stuff I bought to start fantasy (skull pass, army books and some metal dwarves) that never quite got going plus access to my bits bins.

Here is my listing:

Generally Epic items: Space Marines, Eldar, Squats, Titans

  • Epic Eldar Phoenix Bomber
  • Epic Eldar Cobra Super Heavy Tank (Old Style)
  • Epic Squat Gyrocopters (2)
  • Epic Squat Leviathan
Available for trade:
  • Blood Bowl Nurgle's Rotter Team (NIB)
  • Blood Bowl Individuals: Chaos Beastmen, Nurgle Beastmen, Nurgle Rotter, Khemri Mummies, Khemri Skeletons, High Elf Linemen, High Elf Blitzers
  • Blood Bowl 2ed Miniatures: *Lots* Just ask about what you are looking for.
  • assorted Space Marine Bits (Plain, Black Templars, Dark Angels, older SW, and Chaos Marine backpacks)
  • Assault on Black Reach Orcs
  • WHFB Battle for Skull Pass (Whole Set): Most Models Primed Black
  • WHFB Orcs and Goblin Army Book
  • Dwarves Army Book
  • assorted Metal WHFB Minis (year on model) as follows:
  • x2 Witch Elves ('99, '00)
  • x2 Metal Goblin Fanatics ('91)
  • Dwarf Rune Priest ('96)
  • Dwarf Engineer ('05)
  • Troll Slayer Banner ('96)
  • Troll Slayer Musician ('96)
  • Troll Slayer Daemon Slayer ('96)
  • x8 Troll Slayers
  • Dwarf Character: The White Dwarf ('96)
  • Deathwing assault cannon
  • Terminator heavy flamer
  • SM meltaguns
  • Ravenwing TL assault cannons

Even if none of this stuff interests you go by the bucket (button on the upper left) to see what people are looking for.


  1. Thanks for the bucket plug, and hopefully you'll get some takers. A buddy of mine (Andy) played epic a very long time ago, I don't know if he has anything left, but I'll point him in your direction...

  2. LOL! Mik you had no idea how funny that would read eh?? bucket plug - ha!

  3. Keep going on this, Erio. I want to break out all my stuff and have a few games too, all the more so because of your posts!