Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mk I Mars Warhound Titans

More photos of Epic scale stuff. I know that it is not really interesting reading but it is helpful to some of the new people to know what this stuff actually looks like and how many pieces they are made up off.

Today we have the original warhounds. They have a curved shape to them so they are Mars style. Very animallistic crew compartment and chaos like spikes regardless of loyalist of chaos forces. While I like the new designs from Forge World for the 28 mm scale the current GW design is just dreadful compared to these classic pieces.

Legs are 1 piece and used to have a mounting peg that got broken off so I will have to add some pins to get a good mount probably.

The standard weapons are vulcan megabolter and plasma blastgun but this set I got had 2 turbo lasers instead of the plasma blastguns so I will just have to count as for regular games with these guys. Epic does not do WYSIWYG rules so generally as long as something is not a legal choice in your list then you can count it as a something else that is a choice. This weapon configuration is legal in a Titan Legion list though.

All the parts for 2 together including little rings that help the torsos mount to the legs. Overall the only part of the look that has always been strange is that the guns mount so far back on the torso but that is probably a balance thing. I think these are the same scale weapons as found on the Reavers.

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