Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Nid and Blood Angel FAQs are Up

GW has graced us with their rules wisdon after only 7 months for the Nids. So go get them and lets discuss.

First thing to note is that they are actually self contradictory. For Blind Rampage for tyrant guards, they say that if the tyrant is killed in the combat before the tyrant guard have gone they do not get the bonus from the furious charge rule they just got but for the Blood Angels they say that you check the range to the priest for the furious charge when you make the attacks. Those seem to be apply the opposite standard to the same rule. Fail.

Essentially they have also declared that while models my shoot out of vehicles with firepoints, use psychic powers out of vehicles(firepoint for LOS needing power but no firepoint for other powers), and generate area type special affects out of vehicles measured from the hull (thus increasing the range by several inches) you can essential make no affect on those models without a special rule that says you can. Pretty Lame. So you thought you had psychic defenses well I will just stay in my transport and do it out of it. Interesting does a psychic hood affect models operating out of a transport. Nothing the nids have other than Sarge is acting funny does. Fail.

And Not that Nids have many ICs but they cannot get into Spores and you cannot send in empty spores so they lack many of the nice features of normal drop pods.

Lash whips apparently take priority over other wargear and act first allowing the other wargear to have affect so Banshees are still I10 versus them.

While some of the stuff seems fine many continue GW bad rules decisions from recent years. Also still no clarity on the confusing wording of the Hive Guard and coversaves. Also they say that Doom and Mawlocs allow cover saves but do not give a good idea of what standard to use. Logic says doom is a shooting type attack but mawloc is more like a barrage.


  1. I'm not sure if I quite understand the blind rampage/sanguinary priest issue. I read them as "tyrant guard can't use effects granted by the tyrant once he's dead" and "BA's can't get a buff from a priest unless they are within range of a priest." I figured that was just to prevent BA's from claiming furious assault because they are within 6" of a priest and then charging another 6" away, giving the priest 12" effective range. Admittedly I don't play against nids... did I miss something?

  2. The tyrant guard get furious charge and rage because the tyrant dies. It is their special rule. So it should come into effect as soon as the tyrant dies so they should have it if he dies in the combat before they attacks. If they charged that turn they should then get the bonus but they do not according to this.

    BA only get the priest bonus if it is still in effect when they attack. If the priest is killed or out of range it is gone.

    Only way these two work together is that for furious charge to work is to have the ability both when you charge and when you actually attack but that is certainly not clearly explained there and would run into do you check if you have it before the charge move, or after because a tyrant could get killed on dangerous terrain during the move.

  3. Okay, I definitely see the issue now. Thanks for the explanation.

  4. Happy to explain it, thanks for coming by.

  5. Good to know that a whole craftworld was lost because they just would not go inside.

    I guess their Daddy forgot to tell them not to let the bugs in by leaving the door open.