Thursday, August 12, 2010

Castle Ravenloft vs Isle of Blood

So the new WHFB box is coming out. I got the last one and both army books plus some extra dwarf minis but never played it once. I really have no interest in picking up fantasy but I have always loved Skaven back from 2nd ed Blood Bowl and the minis look pretty nice. The cost is sort of high and I am disappointed to hear that there might be even less information about the units you get than in the Skull Pass book and no story driven learning missions. Sort of like how Black Reach removed all the unit special rules and lacked the actual playable teaching missions.

Or we have the Castle Ravenloft Board game coming out. It is list priced cheaper but once you figure in the easy discount on GW stuff the difference is not that high. The playing pieces will be no where close to the GW standard but it is actually a complete game. I have a much better chance of playing it as it would be a good game to take to board game day since it plays fast and supports 5 players unlike say space hulk which is only 2.

There is also the Dark Sun Campaign setting coming out. No reason to believe I will actually play it but since that was the setting where I was involved in some of the longest and most memorable campaigns and played it since the beginning and still have many of the books(you can see them stored in the lower left) I am going to get that. If only for bathroom reading material. I picked up the 4e player handbook 1-2 pack a little while ago to get myself a little understanding of the current rules to be ready.


  1. I used to love the Dark Sun campaign setting - it was always so very different to other ADnD worlds!
    But yes, the low level of information about the units in Isle of Blood is somewhat concerning.

  2. We played the normal Dark Sun for a while then built our own Skills and Powers system for it when that and Combat and Tactics came out. Even had my first website on geocities about the campaign.

  3. So congratulations to you and your wife !
    I know this. 10 Years are a good time, if your wife see your hobby as a hobby and not as an compition. My marriage was 14 years ago, and i´m playing the same ;-). We are all little kids.