Monday, July 13, 2009

Storage Issues

Everyone involved in these type of games can have storage issues. In our last place everything was under the bed which was really inconvenient. Anytime I wanted 1 specific box I had to pull them all out to find it. When we moved to our new place, I got an upgrade. This was our entertainment center from IKEA which we have had about 7 years. It normally held our CRT TV and tons of books in the family room, but it had no place to properly fit in the layout of the new place. So it ended up in the basement. This made it the perfect storage place for my hobby stuff.

It really does not look like I have that much stuff here. RPG's, Board games, Old GW Games, Probably 10,000 points of 40K stuff, Chainmail Minis, Xbox Games, School Books, etc.


  1. Nice setup, good and proper!

  2. It is much better organized in this picture than it normal is. We were going on a trip and someone was coming in to feed our cats so I cleaned up the basement including packing most of the minis away.

    Usually there are 150 space marines ranked up on various selves.

  3. HA! I have the exact same computer case.

  4. IKEA for teh win! But I must say that your level of modding the shelf unit could be a more enthusiastic and the paintjob leaves a lot to be desired. Good thing you spend more time on your minis :) Too bad most of the bitz one builds up are quite useless. One ends up with tons of the same bitz and very few (or none) of the ones you really want :(