Thursday, August 5, 2010

Impact! Weather Dice

In a recent order from Impact! Miniatures, I got these neat weather dice. I always forgot to roll the weather in my league games. I think it is because the record sheet has spots for all the other pregame things to be recorded but skips the weather. These dice seem like the perfect solution to that problem. If I put them in the bad with the block dice I do not have to worry about forgetting all the time.

This set comes with two different dice that are rolled together to determine the weather. The first die has 5 partly cloudys which represent nice weather. The final face on the first die is a storm. When this comes up you look at the second die to determine the actual affect. There are 2 raining, 1 snowing, 2 bright sunny, and 1 heat wave on the second die.

I think this is a pretty neat product and hope to get some use out of it next time I play. The dice can also double as your weather marker by just leaving them sitting on the corner of the board.

I wonder if 40K scenarios could be improved with some weather rolls affecting sight distances and movement speeds.

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  1. Great dice dude, very useful for the games. =)