Friday, August 6, 2010

New NAF Block Dice

I got a new set of NAF Block dice recently. If you do not know about the NAF you should take a look. They monitor the Blood Bowl international Tournament Scene. Members are ranked for each race they play based on quality of opponents. I do not have many tournament games under my belt so my ranking is bad since I stunk up the joint at the tournament I went to. When you join they send you a set of block dice which can be convenient for people who do not actually own the original game and play on customer boards.

Now I have 3 sets of block dice in the very American colors of Red, White, and Blue. Perfect combination to take to the Blood Bowl World Cup but I would never dare to handicap the US team that badly with my poor play.


  1. Would also mention most of the reps for the various areas end up with extras of the other colours. I know when I started going to NAF tournaments, I picked up an orange set to go with my Undead team (grey/orange scheme) and a yellow set with blue writing for my Orc team (blue/yellow scheme). I've been using my red ones with my dark elves but I should probably get the new light blue dice for them since that would fit the scheme better.

  2. The only event that I went to that one of the reps was at was before I joined or new anything about it really. Just have not had the time to get out to any recently. Local one day event in October that I am trying to get to though.