Saturday, May 28, 2011

Any Publicity is Good Publicity

For Games Workshop is any publicity good publicity? I have not posted anything in months and nothing about GW stuff really since August but with all their great announcements in the last few weeks they got me to talk all about them again like they dominate the world of gaming. Those days are over Games Workshop. You need to remember that the best way to serve your share holders is to find better ways to serve your customers. Price increases, trade embargoes, and overblown sales talk about minis that might be slightly better but also seem to had very poor quality control on the line. Forge World might get away with shipping bad resin but you will not since you are nice enough to have local stores to complain to instead of international phone calls and unanswered emails.

I also added my unscientific poll about Finecast. Please vote once for each mini you purchased. Also check out the Termi Lib from the GW stuff. Just need to add some extra basing material around that front foot. This is what really concerns me that they could not even be bother or able to provide good models to the webstore.


  1. Totally agree, there is a staggering amount of self delusion going on with this finecast line. You have got to hand it to GW's PR machine. Charge people more and give them a cheaper, and clearly inferior product but dress it up as "revolutionary" and people are swallowing it hook, line and sinker.
    I just called it Stockholm Syndrome on a friends blog. I'll save my money for collecting choice metals second hands, thanks

  2. John, the details do look crisp but it is hard to compare since the contrast on bare metal and plastic photograph so differently. You pretty much need to grey prime the metal properly to get a direct photo comparison. I was hoping the GW would wait to get the casting/qc process optimized after my dealing with FW resin.

  3. It's not so much the detail. I compared the blow up of the resin Empire Captain here

    with my metal one in detail and its comparable..the problem is resin and the inherent imperfections that it has which are not anywhere close to what metal has at its worst ( and I've been using lead/pewter/ miniatures for 35 years as reference) Resin is dirty, messy and almost always can miscast and is prone to tons of imperfections. The trade off for sharper edge here or there shouldn't barely even register as a trade off unless you are just fooling yourself.
    Soft and weightless just is not how I want my super expensive miniatures. IF GW had just said we are moving to resin in the metal molds as a result of it being cheaper material are lowering all prices on these Finecast models by 10% (nothing) Fans would be giving GW a ticker tape parade in Times Square. Instead, combined with the nothing short of customer exploitation in AUS, simplly because they "can"..they've lost veteran customers like us.

    I dont know about you but I've spent more that I care to say on GW stuff in the last 5 years. I'm not saying never but its going to have to be something extra extra special I just "have" to have to get me to buy anything new from them again..I just took
    back a ton shrink wrapped stuff to my local shop the other day and traded it out for LotR Perry bros sculpted metals that will soon be OOP and worth a ton..anyway best of luck in your future non GW gaming...

  4. Same here, I have 31 blood bowl teams, 8K points of marines, and 2K of nids not to mention the stuff on my trade pile.

  5. I can just say I agree totally... GW really overestimated their PR machine capability, not sure how will they get out of this one now because it really seems like miscasts and problems with Failcast are widespread.

    Nice blog by the way, will be checkihng it more often.