Friday, May 27, 2011

Finecast is Hitting the Streets

So people have managed to get their hands on the new models a little early.So I am trying to collect links to the new citadel finecast model reviews. These are non GW people who have their hands on the models and provided pictures. As they say on the internet pics or it did not happen.

Lets take a look at what they are saying:

Seems sort of mixed reviews. People are liking some of the features of the resin but there are noticeable problems with miscats or mold parts left in the model.

I am not going to repost the pictures since they are not mine or a promotional image from GW, but go to the links and check them out.

Anyone else got a link add it here in the comments.

Update: GW today has another blog post on the Finecast line. While it is positive it is not Mana from heaven and admits that finecast will have lots of flash, and some air bubbles, and that you do not want to touch it with a file.

Update 2: Another review with a miscast crewmen on a dark elf bolt thrower. And no I am not only linking to problem ones:

Positive Review here of Honor Guard, They do look nice:

Some more pics

Avatar Missing Fingers

Lelith's lost spikes

Lots of Flash but not bad

I am getting the feeling that if you get a good one they are really nice but the miscast rate is high enough that if you are buying from GW you open in store to inspect them before going out the door. I only play 2 armies, Space Marines and Nids, and I am not needing most more models. The only thing that is in the line that I had planned on buying when i stopped last year were the Sternguard models. They are now 45 bucks up from I think 41.25 or something so about another 10 percent after coming out at 35 in late 2008. So for people who think GW has been raising prices for inflation that is 8.8% for three years. Inflation has not be close to that.

The Blood Knight box is now 99 dollars. I do not remember what it was before but that better be one great unit.

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