Monday, May 23, 2011

The New Citadel Miscast Line

Wow, GW has reinvented miniature wargames with their new Finecast Line of resin figures. If you do not take my word for it check out their press release today. The finest miniatures the world has ever seen. I am sure this example taken directly from the page shows the fantastic promise that awaits all willing to pay the price for this magnificent new product.

Wait lets take a look at this model and compare it with the painted metal one shown on the sight also. Do you see the difference?

Miscast or damaged model. Take a closer look at the Iron Cross.

The resin on is chipped in one corner so GW has chosen to advertise their new high quality and extra cost models with a miscast one. Can this company really trip over their own feet this many times in one week. Sure it is a tiny little thing but you would think that you would want to show your best product to the world on your website.

Seems like Forge World Quality has finally made its way to Games Workshop and let me tell you that is not a good thing.


  1. Wow. I didn't catch that at all, but your definitely correct. I was annoyed enough as is that they are the same models.

    Not new, not recast. They're the same.

  2. That's just battle damage. GW's taking original sculpts and tweaking them later to enhance them. You know, like when Spielberg put walkie-talkies in the cops hands instead of guns in E.T.

    Or when Lucas made Greedo shoot first.

    Hmm, none of those worked out so well either.

  3. Just like bubbles in hand blown glass pieces, those are part of the art and what makes each mini unique and special. It's a feature not a defect.

  4. "Citadel Finecast now with chips and air bubbles to allow you to practice using Citadel Brand Greebstuff 2 part modeling compound available at your local GW store or independent retailer."