Monday, May 23, 2011

More of the New Citadel Miscast

GW just makes it too easy. I am sure if I went over the metal models with a fine tip comb I would find tons of problems but these are your press photos. Check out the air bubble in the wing stone just behind the helmet on the pistol side.

What about Gandolf?

Those sword guards seem pretty uneven to me. The painted model looks more normal. Is this another miscast or just how the model is imaged. Looks like we are looking right at the flat edge of the blade so it should not be an camera trick.

These are little things, maybe we can only notice them now that the models are so sharp. I just hope they fixed the problem of the misaligned molds that leave the ridges in the models. Well even if they did not the resin should be easier to grind down than the metal. That can take forever and you have to pray no important detail lies on that line.

As a funny note I am now getting traffic from the Citadel Finecast search term. Remember the Citadel Miscast line will be available soon at your local GW store or independent retailer. These special limited edition pieces are almost identical to those metal models you already have but replace the flash with air bubbles. Strange how we only see picture of the fully assembled pieces not any of the blisters or straight out of the package.

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