Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Strange Traffic Drivers and Mystery Jump

So sometimes when I post I like to follow where my traffic comes from. When there are no new posts it is generally from google images or various key word searches. Yesterday I had a post so most of the traffic was from Blog networks like the Bell of Lost Souls but I also had a really strange search turn guide someone to my page: "dwarf ultrasound". Why would this turn be linked to my blog?

Well it turns out at the beginning of the year I posted the ultrasound of my son due in August whom my daughter has named Bob Steve. I also have pictures of blood bowl and warhammer dwarves on my pages so clearly they must be linked. I am sure I also get weird traffic from people looking for information about the Twilight series but I have used Sons of Twilight as my marine chapter name long before that darn book series broke through to the mainstream.

I was also looking at my traffic in terms of days of the last month and noticed I had a huge traffic spike on May 9. I got like twice post free day normal traffic without a post and no reason I can think off. It is to late now to go back and see where it was coming from since my stats provider only provides the last so many at the free level of monitoring. Anybody out there no why I got more traffic like 2 weeks ago for no apparent reason.


  1. Found the source for the May 9 jump


  2. yeah I think I'm guilty of this....XD