Monday, June 20, 2011

Blood Bowl: Gaspez-Arts Chaos Minotaur

I got a chaotic dwarf blood bowl team last year. The team is designed and made by gaspez-arts but I had it purchased through Impact! Miniaturesbut due to some intercompany issues they no longer carry the product line.

The first item from the set is a Chaos Minotaur.

All the parts. No real pose options but pretty nice looking.

Back side. A fair amount of vet points but still a nice looking figure.

Close up to the face. I still have not assembled him but I might do it soon.


  1. The Minotaur is my absolute favorite big guy in Blood Bowl. You need to get him together and painted.

  2. I did not have much luck with my minotaur on my chaos team when I was last in a league. He got killed in a pretty early game leaving a big whole in my roster. I have two others already assembled but this guy is just for the chaos dwarf team.

  3. Ah, gotcha. Chaos Dwarves are one of the few teams I've not yet tried.