Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Blood Bowl: Gaspez-Arts Chaos Dwarf Team

More of the unpacking of my Chaos Dwarf Blood Bowl Team made by Gaspez Arts ordered through Impact! Miniatures.

The basic team comes with 4 Chaos Dwarves, 7 Hobgoblins, and 1 Bull Centaur.

The 4 chaos dwarves all missing stupid hats of the GW team. Closer to the dwarves from the Hellcannon than the old school chaos dwarves. Pretty much all 1 piece models.

I do not really love the hobgoblin sculpts but they are no worse than the GW ones.

Bull Centaur comes in 6 pieces.

Not a friendly looking fellow. Again much better than the stupid hat ones from GW.

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