Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Blood Bowl: Necromantic Team

Here are some pictures of the Games Workshop Necromantic Team for Blood Bowl. While this is a newer team in the rules most of the miniatures are circa 93 as recycled members of the undead team. Differences between the undead team which has 2 mummies, 2 wights, 4 ghouls, remainder skeletons and zombies. Necromantic goes with 2 Flesh Golems, 2 Werewolves, 2 Wights, 2 ghouls, and the remainder just zombies. Old joke about no skeletons since the wolves run off with their bones. This is certainly not a highly interesting post to people but I am adding these to fill in the collection archive.

Here is the team with 1 extra Flesh Golem and Werewolf that I got as bits before Games Workshop stopped that. Now I think they have a booster pack that comes with those 2 guys to fill out the roster.

The werewolf is a rare non big guy model in Blood Bowl who is multiple parts. Head is seperate but I always seem to have a big gap. I did a little green stuff work on one so far to bridge the gap.

Flesh Golem is skinny and tall. Not a guy who you would look at to not move when being blocked by a Black Orc but that is how they roll.
Same wights as undead team.

Same Ghouls
And 2 zombies which is pretty annoying since you can have 8 on a full roster. I know some other manufacturers have some racial variety in their zombies which might be nice to add to the team but when mixing minis on one team you have to be careful of scale. Do not want you dead elves to appear more bulky than a standard undead human.

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