Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Birthday Celebration

My daughter and I shared our birthday celebration with our family this year. My birthday is about 2 weeks before hers but with the baby on the way we wanted to get some of the events for the busy month done early. We had it on the 4th so we also got the family barbecue out of the way also. She has a party scheduled for her friends later in the month so hopefully the baby will wait until after that. We already have my birthday, her birthday, my mother-in-laws birthday all in July so hopefully the baby can make it to August.

She got to pick the cake for the event and went with the Barbie birthday cake which has a real barbie doll at the center with the cake making up the bottom of the dress. My wife calls the wargaming figures barbie's for boys so this cake was approprate for me also in her opinion. The pink frosting was kind of thick but other than that the cake was pretty good. A good time was had by all but my daughter won the coin flip about who got to keep the barbie from the cake ;-)


  1. Happy birthday to both of you.

    Trying to win your daughter's barbie, haha!

  2. Happy birthday to both!!

    Which are the stats of the barbie??

  3. Summer birthdays are the best, huzzah to the both of you!

  4. Barbie is definitely a monstrous creature with a 2++ save and a power like paroyxism.