Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Epic Eldar Legion

Here we have some classic eldar box set for the Space Marine game and Epic Battles. This is a pretty old box of Epic stuff dating back to the late 80's so over 20 years old now.

Here we have some painting schemes like Eldritch Raiders, Sunblitz Brotherhood, Black Suns, and Void Watchers. The box came with 20 tanks and 200 warriors. None of these names seem to match up with any Eldar fluff still used as far as I have heard.

As you can see this models are all exactly the same as was the style in this first release of Epic scale models. Different units types were generally determined by base color. These guys would be guardians in the current game.

Here is the Epic Eldar Falcon Grav Tank. I might actually use these as wave serpents if I was building an eldar force since they look like the current epic models at little.


  1. Yeah, that's some old school Epic.

    The groups were from the days of Eldar being mainly corsairs/raiders/mercs; you'll see similar designs in early RT era stuff.

    Armorcast (IIRC) had a resin 40K-scale version of that Falcon.

  2. I have had these epic figures for like 20 years now and they are still unpainted ;-). Since I got them at the start of my teens when I was more mature and less destructive they survived with maybe only 1 stand lost to missing or broken guardians.