Monday, July 11, 2011

Tyranid Week?

Two major blogs recently have been looking at Nids again since it has been 18+ months since the codex drops. What have nids seen in that time? A pretty unfortanute FAQ that went RAW(Rules as written) when it hurt nids and RAI (Rules as Intented) when the RAW would help the nids. They have also gotten no new models since the release even though they lack models for most of the special charatcers, 3 different monsterous creatures (Tervigon, Harpy, Tyrannofex), plus fly options for some models.

It is no accident that GW managed to sourer me to their core games with this release since I was holding a pretty much unbuilt force to make with the new codex to find out that I had to convert pretty much every unit into something else if I wanted to stand a chance on the table when people get serious. The meched up enviroment forces players to use all the the rich and interesting elite slots on Hive guard plus maybe add in the total underwhelming tyrannofexes to your list. I say a discussion about using tyrannofexes in cases of razorspam but given that you have a 28% chance of destroying a 75 point razorback with a 265 point monsterous creature you will make about 120 VP through the whole game that way. So you might kill two razorbacks in the game. Sure it will probably still be alive but if you do not give it constant attention with snapse will stop at some point in the battlefield and start wasting Str 10 Ap 4 shots on individual marines.

The ETC nids lists are all pretty much the same like 40 stealers, 2 tervigons, 3 units of hive gaurd and just a bit of other things. About half the contents of the codex appears in no lists and probably 75% appears in no lists or only one of the like 15 I saw.

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  1. I'm not anymore enthused then you seem to be. For a 5th edition codex they are in a pathetic state.

    Meh, that "week of nids" on 3++ seemed to spend more time talking about how they can compete, how they are relevant, how they are competitive... talk's cheap, show people it's competitive at the 2000 level against typical GK/BA/SW/DE builds.

    When major tournaments crank out mono lists like codexes that are three times as old are forced to do in order to be competitive something is wrong at the level of corporate office.

    There where more Eldar, Chaos Deamons, and CSM each at BLoScon then Tyranids:

    I'm glad I'm invested more then merely 40K/GW.