Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Last Trip to Borders

We made a last trip to our nice local Borders before they move into liquidation later this week or next. It was one of the last stores they opened I believe and was a large concept store with sections for all types of media and various digital areas. We might check out the clearance sales but until they get to at least 30% off you can generally do better online anyway. We liked our Borders and would go every couple of weeks to look at books and buy a book or two (with a coupon and our membership). I actually like to buy Lego stuff there until they stopped the coupons from working on them. We are sad to see them go as it was always a good place for our family to spend a little quiet time.

As a last purchase I got the Penny Arcade "Be Good, Little Puppy." which is a compilation of cartoons that I could get online for free but my wife really does not like me taking the electronic devices into the room where I get my quiet reading time if you get my meaning. It has a Witchalok character class for D&D 4e in it up to third level powers but I have to say it does not look very balanced. Apparently someone messed up the page numbering since anytime the text refers to page it is off by 2 from the correct one.


  1. It is sad about Borders. It was a fun place for us to take the family too.

  2. I agree, it's too bad. They are the closest book store to me and the best stocked.

    It's not a big surprise though. If you've read any of the articles you can see why they've failed. Failure to keep up with the times in this age is a sure way to fail and Borders fell victim to just that. Your name will only carry you so far.

  3. Besides all the internet and digital stuff they just had to many stores that were to big. There were just never enough people in the stores for their size. We did not need 3 stores within like 5 miles of each other here in Ann Arbor.

    Borders and B&N also seemed to be opening stores very close to each other.