Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Blood Bowl: Ogre Team Box

Another birthday present this year was a Games Workshop Blood Bowl Ogre team. This box has 4 ogre blockers and 1 ogre thrower but it should be noted the team rules just does not have any positions for the ogres. A full team roster is 6 ogres and 10 snotlings so this set does not really get you a playable team which is unfortunate. I have like 6 snotlings from second edition but these are not easy to come by to get another 4 so I am looking at other options.

Here are the box contents. Enough parts for 5 ogres and a goblin. Many duplicate parts so I will keep the close ups limited to the unique parts.

I got 5 different heads in my box.

There appears to be 3 different torso designs so I got doubles of the 2 of them on the right.

Four different leg positions.

Four different arm sets. Including one holding a ball.

Here are the extras. One arm holding a goblin with the ball about to be thrown, a goblin with the ball who I generally think is Grotty from the star player pair Brick Far'th & Grotty, plus spikey shoulder pads for all the ogres.

Here is a thrower assembled from an early blister purchase.


  1. I love those Ogre models. I think they are some of the best Blood Bowl models ever made.

  2. Do you still own these? Would love to buy them off ya! ;)

    1. Still own them. Not for sale. Thanks for stopping by.